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Is this Laser Hair Removal or Intense Pulsed Light - 4 Laser Hair Removal.

Is this Laser Hair Removal or Intense Pulsed Light

A breakthrough in the hair removal industry hasoccurred over the past few years with new, moreeffective technology. Everyone's talking aboutthe new amazing "laser hair removal" technologywhich is available today, but is it really "laser"?If that question was asked several years back,the answer would have been "yes". However, thelaser hair removal system has evolved into somethingdifferent, and for the better.

Women and men alike are taking advantage ofthe new intense pulsed light hair removal methodfor various types of cosmetic reasons, although the process can be costly and somewhat tiresome. Several treatments are usually required before the completehair removal is achieved. The procedure can be usedto remove facial hair and unwanted hair locatedin other areas of the body.

Brief History of Laser Hair Removal and How theNew Technology Compares

There are several types of laser hair removaltreatments that have been somewhat effective inthe past, but are still lacking in efficiency.The alexandrite laser, neodymium:yttrium-aluminium-garnetlaser, diode laser and ruby laser have all beencommonly utilized in laser hair removal procedures.Due to the prolonged growth and rest cycle of hairfollicles, it's been difficult to find a solutionthat offers permanent hair removal. There havebeen several issues of safety as well, especiallyfor those patients who have darker hair and skintones.

A New and Better Way Arrives on the Scene

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is the latestprocedure used in hair removal that's proving tobe more effective than any other method. Studiesperformed with IPL patients have shown significanthair removal success along with far less complicationsor side effects.

Another tremendous benefit of IPL is that it usuallytakes less time than expected to succeed with hairremoval. Although the patient may have several treatments, the process often takes far less time than former laser treatments, saving the patient time and money. Some doctors are even offering to bill each treatment separately instead of assuming that thepatient will need a certain number of visits. Thisenables the patient to pay on a "by treatment" basis instead of one lump sum before beginning the treatments.

How Does IPL Work?

IPL is actually a non-coherent laser which is usedby a technician to damage unwanted hair follicles.The exposure time frame, energy level and wavelengthcan each be selected by the technician for maximumaccuracy. One major benefit of the intense pulsedlight is that it causes very little damage tosurrounding tissues.

The targeted hair follicles absorb the light andare heated, then damaged and epilated (or loosenedfrom the root). There are normally multiple treatmentsrequired, and the hair loss is not permanent althoughoften longer lasting than other removal techniques.The results are often called "permanent hair reduction".This means that the volume of hair regrowth mightbe reduced permanently. Hair can grow back in thatspot, but there won't be near as much hair as beforein most cases.

Is IPL Still Laser Treatment?

IPL is still referred to as laser hair removal bymany people, although it's a totally different type oflaser light when compared with the other laserprocedures. IPL uses an entirely differentwavelength than other lasers. It is also moretargeted and less damaging. Technically, it isstill a "laser", however, IPL should always beidentified as such during conversations to avoid confusion.

Results of IPL Compared with Other Laser Treatments

IPL is proving to be the most effective treatmentavailable today. An estimated 85 percent of an IPLpatient's hair is removed successfully after onlyone treatment, which is quite noticeable! There'smore accuracy with IPL than ever before, and withless potential damage to surrounding tissues. Thusfar, side effects have been minimized to a littleswelling if any side effects were detected at all.

The results among different hair colors have alsobeen very promising. With all skin types, IPL hasbeen effective. Hispanics and Asians have enjoyedpositive results with IPL, however, there areadditional precautions to be taken when a patienthas darker skin to avoid over-absorbence of light.A person with grey or blonde hair may have less effectiveness due to the lack of pigmentation in their hair. Pigmentation is what actually absorbs thelight and enables the treatment to work thoroughly.This is why a person with darker hair and skin colorwill absorb more of the light.

Even with these uncertainties, IPL is still provingto be the most effective when compared with otherlaser treatments.

This article was written by Candice Pardue.

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