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My Experience with Laser Hair Removal - 4 Laser Hair Removal.

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal

If you've been considering laser hair removal, join the crowd. Women are chucking the tweezers, razors and topical hair removal products in the trash for good reasons. Traditional methods like shaving unwanted hair, especially in highly sensitive areas, not only is it a pain but an ultimate waste of your time and money!

Why would you spend hours every other day in the bathroom mirror plucking, applying stinky chemicals or shaving unwanted hair when you can go to a professional office and pay someone a reasonable fee to get rid of your hair issues?

Personally I need all the energy I can get just to get through the day and the last thing I need is more stress. My unwanted hair was driving me nuts until I decided to check into laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has changed my life and it can do the same for you too. If you're self conscious about your unwanted hair, if you get nervous in a crowd or feel like people are looking at your unwanted hair rather than at you or even if you are just plain tired of plucking and tweezing, laser hair removal may be for you.

I admit I was scared!

I imagined all types of scenarios involving lasers that I thought would burn me and cause great amounts of pain. I thought I could be scarred for life! I was really not surprised to find out that many women believe the same things I did but it's not true. Laser hair removal feels very similar to a small sting with a rubber band and that's in sensitive areas too.

The day I went for my appointment I truly didn't know what to expect but after talking the procedure over I felt a lot better. I realized that I had really been stressing over nothing. Laser hair removal has become so common, it's really as routine as any other appointment from getting my hair done to visiting my family physician. The benefits of laser hair removal far outweighed any of the fears I had and I personally can't recommend it enough.

I believe everyone is a little nervous on his or her initial visit but if you have any questions, the doctor usually answers all of them up front because mine actually gave sort of an orientation that covered everything in about twenty minutes. When he finished he asked, any questions? He answered them all!

Then the day for my first treatment arrived, I was still nervous despite everything I knew about the procedure. I had chosen a topical cream for any possible pain and was told that sometimes people say they experience warmth from the treated areas, I didn't feel anything at all. My first treatment took about an hour from the time I walked into the office to the time I left. The nurse washed and prepared my skin for the laser hair removal in about ten minutes. The topical cream is said to be used an hour before the appointment and the area was feeling a little numb, by the time the doctor began the procedure I was shocked. I felt no pain, none whatsoever.

I could tell the laser hair removal was working though throughout the treatment because I could actually smell it. It resembles a sulfur like smell but it's not unpleasant at all-especially when you can't wait to get rid of all that hair!

My doctor did tell me that between my visits, I shouldn't do any plucking and that was scary because I kept imagining how bad I would look if I couldn't pluck or tweeze for nearly seven weeks. Within just a few days, hair was falling out! The weeks in between my visits weren't nearly as hard as I expected them to be. After my second treatment, my results were better than dramatic. More and more hair was disappearing and it wasn't coming back either. Within just a couple of months my skin was changing in it's appearance, what once was covered with hair was developing smooth, clear skin.

When I looked in the mirror I felt so odd not having my hair that I constantly battled, it was almost like I didn't know what to do because looking in the mirror always involved plucking and tweezing…everyday! The best feeling I had once my hair was gone may sound strange to some people but if anyone struggles with unsightly facial hair I know you can relate to this. I shied away from facial crèmes, masks and those sorts of beauty regimens because of my facial hair. A beauty mask for someone with facial hair doesn't work because the mask hardens around the hair and when I would try to peel the mask off, oh it was painful. Anyway, after my hair was gone I purchased face peel and if felt so good and I know that a face peel doesn't anywhere near define a woman, but I really felt like a woman with lots of femininity.

Laser hair removal was definitely a good choice for me, I have other friends who have had it done and I've read countless testimonials, I'm yet to run across anyone who says they wouldn't do it again. Some people think that it's expensive but it's not and even if money was an issue for anyone, the procedure can be financed! If you are sick of dealing with unwanted facial hair anywhere on your body, even if you just want to touch up that bikini line I urge anyone to check into laser hair removal. Make an appointment an speak to a licensed professional, you're not obligated to anything and you owe it to yourself if your interested to find out more information.

This article was written by Lisa Gonzalez.

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