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Laser Hair Removal, The Right Choice for Me - 4 Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal, The Right Choice for Me

Laser hair removal has become a good alternative for people with aggravating problem hair they can't seem to get rid of. No one knows this better than my best friend, who last year, went on her first appointment to find more information about laser hair removal and related procedures.

My friend shares a common problem that a lot of people have, she has more hair on the top of her lip than she can handle. It's a problem for her, it makes her feel uncomfortable around large groups of people and for that reason, she tends not to look at people eye to eye. She feels as though people are staring at her lip and she's really self conscious about it. She has tried many over the counter remedies, none of them worked effectively and for my friend, laser hair removal is the last alternative. She has been quite apprehensive but has decided that this is her best hope.

It wasn't a quick decision for her though, she educated herself by reading up on procedures, costs, doctors in our area and eventually made an appointment with a local doctor. This was a big step for her, it was so personal and this was something she felt very emotional about. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope for the best, I would support her in whatever decision she chose to make.

The day of her appointment arrived and I anxiously waited for her phone call to see how things went, finally a couple of hours later the phone rang. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know if I was gonna applaud her or cry with her, she really did have her hopes up. When I answered the phone, she sounded fine and I was surprised.

So, I asked my friend, "when are you going to do it?"
She replied, "I just finished my first treatment!"

After a 20 minute consultation, my friend literally begged the doctor to get started because she was so excited. I didn't see my friend for about three days but when I did see her, the treated area, was treated. There wasn't any hair on her upper lip, it was gone. The doctor did tell her she could expect the lip hair to be gone anywhere from 5-13 weeks without further treatment but for the treatments to be effective she would have to return. After only a few repeated treatments, my friend could expect the lip hair to be gone forever and that's great.

The first question I had was, "did it hurt?" The whole process, I imagined would've involved some sort of pain or discomfort but she said it didn't.

After my first child was born, I've had hair on my the bottom of my chin. I hate to talk about it but I spent a lot of time in the bathroom mirror, silently plucking with tweezers. My friend told me I should go for, yep, my own consultation. Of course I didn't want to go right away and it took some convincing, I really was tired of all that plucking anyway. Not to mention the Rosacea that caused big, red splotches all over my face. I would stay locked up in my house for days through a Rosacea flare up, nothing would cover it up and I could relate with those feelings of thinking someone was staring at the imperfections on my face, rather than me. I really thought that laser hair removal was a bit extreme and I still wasn't sure just how good my friend's results would really be, I was skeptical.

About three months after my friend's initial procedure began, I could see the difference in her skin, the difference in her personality, her newly found pride in herself and she finally dragged me into the office for a consultation with her doctor. The doctor looked at me, we talked, she explained all of the options, how much it would cost and just how effective it would be given my circumstances; the scales leaned toward "take a chance."I did it, I've been so happy with my choice and the benefits have been remarkable.

Actually I had more done than just the laser hair removal, I also chose microdermabrasion, exfoliation doesn't even give this process justice. My skin had never felt as good as it did after I began the microdermabrasion treatments. I was getting compliments from complete strangers about the appearance of my skin and that hadn't happened to me for quite a while. I thought that the costs would be outrageous, it was actually affordable. I imagined the cost would be a couple of thousand and for less than a thousand dollars, I've found my fountain of youth.

In addition to finding out just how little I would spend, I also thought that I would be swayed into a lot of appointments to help the doctor get rich. My doctor is my friend, she understands what I want, she knows what I need and she scheduled me appropriately. Each visit was scheduled anywhere from two weeks to a month apart and the actual visit lasted for about an hour, sometimes less. My life has truly changed, I have more self confidence, when people look at me, I know they are noticing my skin and how much better it looks. I don't worry about flare ups with my Rosacia because I don't have as many and I just feel like I'm able to enjoy my life even better now.

Last Christmas, my family was so enthused with my transformation that my own Mother decided just last month to visit her local doctor to see what kind of recommendations they would have for her. Dear Mom will have her third procedure soon, even though I haven't saw her lately and probably wont until this Christmas, I can hardly wait. I can't recommend this enough for anyone who is dissatisfied, anyone who suffers with unwanted hair like myself because there are so many painless, cost effective alternatives that really work administered by real, professional doctors. No matter what type of procedure you may be interested in from laser hair removal to any other, Isn't it time that you found out if this could be right for you?

This article was written by Lisa Gonzalez.

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