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Choosing the Right Practitioner for your Laser Hair Removal Procedure - 4 Laser Hair Removal.

Choosing the Right Practitioner for your Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Choosing the right practitioner for your laser treatment is the most important step in your hair removal process. There are several factors that you need to examine before deciding on who to go with and making the wrong decision can cause you serious skin injury. The importance of choosing a suitable practitioner cannot be underestimated therefore this guide has been prepared to help outline what qualities you should look for.

First you may want to do an online search to get list of practitioners in your area. This will be your initial list of people that are available to perform your procedure. It is best to choose a doctor that performs the procedure rather than a technician. Sometimes you may also find doctors who have technicians perform the procedure for them, which can be acceptable if you are comfortable with it and if the doctor oversees the entire procedure.

Doctors who specialize in dermatology or plastic surgery are the best candidates since they will have the most experience with laser hair removal and possibly a better knowledge of the variety of machines available. This means that they may have the best and latest technology available for this particular procedure.

Another criterion that you may want to use to narrow down your potential list is to search the web for reviews from clients who have had the procedure done by a specific practitioner. This information may be hard to come across, if you can find it at all, but it does not hurt to try. If you do find something you will know whether keep that practitioner on your list or to discard that choice all together. Of course, if you have friends or family who you know have had the procedure done, you can always ask for their recommendation first.

Once you have decided on a final list of potential practitioners you will want to schedule consultations with each of them so that you may research their quality even further. Upon arriving you will want to make sure that it is the type of setting that you would not mind having a procedure done in. Is the office well kept and clean? Are the staff friendly and helpful? These are potential questions that you may want to consider.

Once you have met with the practitioner there are several questions you will want to pose to him. You should get an estimate of the extent of his experience with laser hair removal, such as how many procedures he has completed, how many years he has been offering laser hair removal as part of his services, and where he was trained in laser hair removal technology.

You can ask to see any credentials and certificates he may have. If you have extensively researched the particular technology that the practice uses then you may want to ask him a set of questions concerning his machine to get an idea of how much he knew about the machine himself before purchasing it. If he gives you any particular claims about the effectiveness of his machine or laser hair removal in general you may also want to ask to see any clinical studies he has to back this information up.

If you are satisfied by all the information presented to you so far you can then ask details about the procedure. You may want to determine what kind of pain relief is available and how it is administered. This could be particularly important if you have a low tolerance for pain because you will experience discomfort, at least to some degree. You will also want to find out more about the treatment schedule that they use, to make sure it fits in with the time frame you were looking for, and how many treatments the practitioners feels you will need for achieve your desired results.

Lastly, you will want to discuss how much the procedure will cost and what the accepted payment methods are. No matter how great you feel a practitioner is, if you cannot afford his services then you will have no choice but to look elsewhere. You may also want to determine what their policies are on missed appointments or late payments to be sure that you can accept those terms if necessary.

Once you have decided on a practitioner it will be time to do your test patch. You need to complete this part of the process before you sign any contract to be sure that the procedure will even work for you. Also, pay close attention to what instructions he gives you regarding the treated area. This will be the final test for the practitioner to make sure he gives clear instructions and has an empathetic attitude toward you.

The guidelines above are changeable depending on your particular needs or requirements for a practitioner. However, even if you do not check up on all the aspects outlined, a few, such as seeing the practitioner’s credentials and making sure that they have adequate experience, are essential for your safety. What practitioner you chose is ultimately up to you since you are the one who will have to live with the results. Choose wisely the best decision that is right for you.

This article was written by Julie Bonner.

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