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Lumiere Skin & Laser Reviews

Lumiere Skin & Laser
8347-A Greensboro Dr
McLean, Virginia 22102


Number of reviews: 5
Price 2.31/5 2.30772.6923
Effectiveness 2.04/52.03852.9615
Customer Service 2.15/52.15382.8462
Appointment Availability 2.23/52.23082.7692
Overall rating: 2.04/52.03852.9615

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unhappy client No Subject January 8th 2009 Rating: 1.13
I went here with the $500 for your whole body deal and have gotten 10 treatments so far. I dont see ANY hair reduction in my armpits and other parts of my body. I informed the owner (Jyoti) who didnt bother to care about it and her response was that it varies. I have done laser on other parts of my body with another company and have much better results. I got my under arms checked out with another company and they informed me "Lumiere" actually treats their clients at a lower temperature so that they can keep on coming back. I dont think I am going to go back! I would rather spend my money at a place I see results. Its better to go where you get results on the money you pay instead of keeping on going back to a place you dont see any results. They rotate their nurses wich is not a good idea in my opinion, I have to explain to each nurse where I want laser and repeat things often. I just dont think that is professional. I would recommend paying more and seeing results for those of you out there looking to get laser done.
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Anne No Subject July 15th 2009 Rating: 0.67
After spending $1500 at Reveal Medspa for a bikini hair removal package, which entailed 1-hour long numbing sessions, a different (and extremely painful) laser each time, and constant phone calls and pressure by the Reveal sales mgr. to purchase the next package, I found Lumiere at Tyson's Corner. This is pay as you go, the prices are 1/2 of what Reveal charges, there is no numbing, and the laser is virtually pain-free. But this is not the same type of pain-free laser Reveal uses, this one actually works (it shoots cold water as the laser pulsates - very soothing). I was extremely disapponted with Reveal, yet no one called to see why; I did however continue to receive calls with offers to sell me other $1000+ packages. With Lumiere, there is no pressure, no phone calls. The staff is great and best of all, I've had great results after only two treatments. I have also had the spider vein treatment at Lumiere, for a great price ($250) and amazing results!
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another unhappy client No Subject March 27th 2010 Rating: 0.43
i went to lumiere about a year ago and they explianed the process and procedures to me and i decided to go with them for my laser hair removal... bad choice .. they told me that my skin and hair type would be optimal for results yet after three treatments i saw nothing. i met with the manager who told me that " it doesnt always work" ...
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Satisfied Clint No Subject February 25th 2010 Rating: 0.37
Lumiere is fabulous. Friendly staff, and great prices. I was very pleased with my laser results, and found it to be pretty painless. Highly recommended. I went to a laser tech at my dermatologist, and never got long lasting results (Lumiere has proven to be the opposite)!
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Madiha No Subject June 26th 2011 Rating: 0.00
I have gone to Lumiere and every time the staff is polite and friendly. I have done 6 treatments and am Completely satisfied with the results. I was told in the beginning that it would take multiple treatments, but I came when I was told to and now I have at least a 90% reduction! Its not 100 but its far FAR more manageable than it was. I recommend Lumiere to anyone!
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