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hi jessica
I am trying to decide how soon I need to wrangle up $ and begin; I've decided after reading many many forums, that laser treatment is right for me.

I am fairly broke, but I am getting married at the end of May and was planning on brazilian waxing for my honeymoon - a feat that costs $65 in my town - to get by until I can afford laser.

The problem is, I know once I go bare, I will want to keep it up, and I calculated that laser will pay for itself over waxing in 2 years. If then, I can afford to do it and be bare before my wedding, I'd like to try.

What is the latest I should begin treatment in order to look great at May's end?
How long will I need between appointments?
Do many places have interest-free payment plans?
How many appointments should I try to get in before the big day?
When would a treatment be "too close for comfort" to the wedding?

I know this is a bombardment of Q's, but I'm getting desperate; I hate shaving and self-waxing.

Thanks in advance!
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