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Hi there,
I am a guy and I get middle brow, earlobes and a brazilian treatment.
The techs have always been women. There is the regular one, but sometimes she is on holiday.
I think the price I pay is quite reasonable, I have a locked in price of $89.00 Cdn. if I buy 3 spa certificates at a time in advance.
I tip most places I go, including the spa.
I tip the tech $10.00.
I figure seeing as how I am a guy and they are women it may be a bit awkward for them giving me a brazilian, so I figure I should at least show my appreciation. If it was a guy, I would still tip.
The last time I tipped the tech gave me a big thank you and seemed to very appreciative of receiving the tip. I can only expect that maybe she does not get tipped often, or maybe not as much.
I would say, if you like the service, leave a tip. Tips are usually 15%, but vary depending on the type service, how well pleased you were and also the total bill. I expect $10.00 or slightly more would be sufficient and appreciated.
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