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Thumbs up the best hair regrowth tips ;)

you will not look as beautiful as u would be if you don't take care of your hair along side with removing it from undesired places so this is my advise for you
hello every one , a few years ago i got so scared as i started having a hair loss problem when my friend suggested me with some advices that im about to share with you
i have learned a lot of stuff to take care of my hair along side with using some awesome natural products
one of the best things to do is to put olive oil on your scalp before you sleep and then wash up when you wake up .. this got me to increase the speed of treatment and also guarantee the sustainability of the results
one other awesome thing to do along side or after using these products is garlic take one or two cloves of garlik and smach it with a rock one time or use the back of your knife (donít cut it into half so you donít ruin the cells) then rub the garlic on your scalp or light hair (almost scalp) and your hair will start to grow again
here are some methods that can help you have the best experience and results with your hair care
i want you to share your experiences with us in the comments so we all have benefit and exchange information in order to help each other

- madalyne
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