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Originally Posted by epilafan View Post
ok for those of you that it works for how do u do it
i feel like im using it wrong
can u put it on dry skin? or does it have to be cool? how long do u have to stay on the area for it to be effective
like lets say upper lip do u have to go in circles there for a few mins??
NO you will have to hold the laser on each hair at least 1 and a half seconds to burn an to take a will stink a bit of burned hair but that's the correct efect.Do not play it arond the skin because as i said the previous posts this is an only one per hair laser,not professional that burns intantly 10 hairs at a time.

Another tip shave before you use it and put the ray direct in the shaved follicle that will penetrate the laser better in the skyns and the close is the hair to the roote,the beeter because you will achieve a gooder heathing by letting the ray closer.
Do not epilate befor or pluck your hairs becouse once you pulle a hair intantainasly anothe hais is in the folicle and it's new growhth path will bloke some heath effect,but it works as well ,in consequence you will have a bad irritation and you will visit the doctor.
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