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Default My Experience so far...


So, here's my experience. I started LHR around the beginning of this year. I am a 30yr old Latino male with Fitzpatrick type III/IV skin (light tan, rarely sunburns), with dark brown hair. I simply got tired of shaving! It was ridiculous, @ almost 2 times a week and since starting graduate school I have the $$ to try this, so I decided to take the plunge. After extensive research and reading, I consulted a local (at the time) facility in Tampa, FL (where I was attending school). They used the Candela GentleLase (and ironically not an nd:Yag, as I had read) with an 18mm spot size and (I think, but can't remember) 12ms pulse. The first treatment hurt like a b****, but surprisingly the pain and soreness went away after about 1 hour and then for the rest of the day I was totally fine (albeit red in the face, exactly like I'd been sunburn - which was a new experience for me, lol). And incidentally, the more you do it the less painful it becomes because having it done on a face free of hair is almost, but not quite, painfree. The more and denser the hair, the more painful it will be (or so I have been advised and so my experience has proven)...

After moving to Washington State, I again located a practitioner with exactly the same make and model Laser (Candela GentleLase) and pursued a 2nd treatment. Exactly the same pain and highly abbreviated recovery. I've recently finished my 4th and will have my 5th treatment the first week in January. So here's what you probably REALLY want to know - does it work? Yes! But it's not's a gradual process.

After my 1st treatment, there wasn't really anything dramatic. But what I DID NOTICE, was that shaving was much, much easier. You do shed hair after about 1 week from the treatment. Initially I was PISSED, because I thought that it hadn't worked! I was like, WTF?! my facial hair is growing back...and then after about the 8th or 9th day and conversations with the clinician (who assured me that it just looked that way and to be patient) I noticed that although the hair does seem like it's growing back, eventually it just starts to fall out of your skin. Yes, you read that correctly. In the beginning if you pull on the hair, it seems as if it's still there...but you have to WAIT. Soon enough, when you do that again, it will just fall right out.

But as I said after the shedding was done from my 1st treatment, when the hair began to actually regrow it was SUBSTANTIALLY less thick. I noticed that my shaving was remarkably less difficult. But, I still had a bread (although it was thin). This same thing happened after my 2nd treatment...but on the 3rd treatment - BAM!

I noticed that when the shedding began, my entire cheeks were completely free of hair; from the top of my ear, down almost all the way to my jaw line. And shaving has been a breeze...there's nothing to shave except my neck and jaw line...and I just finished my 4th treatment and I'll keep you posted on how that goes. The neck on men is notoriously difficult and stubborn but by the next treatment or the 6th at MOST, everything should be done.

One side of my neck still has some regular hair growth but almost the entire other side of my neck is completely free from hair. I've notice that what little hair that does ever grow back is barely there much like the fine hairs on a baby's arm. So I hope this helps!

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