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I bought an epila about 4 months ago. It works great.
Now that I have bought Epila SI-808 (about 4 months ago now -June 07) I am happy to say that it does work. I had my doubts as I was a bit sceptical as to how a home laser unit for a couple of hundred bucks could get you results (seeing as though it would have cost me a lot more at a salon).

Before you go out and buy one though you should be aware of some of the downfalls. First point is that it zaps one hair at a time. So its slower than if you were to go to a salon, but its not a big deal if you want to laser your arm pits, bikini line, facial area etc, which was the case for me. I know some friends were thinking of using it to laser entire legs etc, which you could do but it would take hours and I just don't have the patience. However it's was great for my armpits and I just got a friend to zap the hairs for me. It took about 2-3 seconds per zap per hair so one treatment took about 30 minutes.

2nd point. You will not get results in the first session, so be patient! Don't expect instant results. Its not going to happen. It took me 3 sessions at 2 week intervals before I got results. I have med brown hair and reasonably fair skin. Its the same as salon laser removal - where they do tell you that you will need multiple treatments. This is no different.

Ive had no side effects, like holes in my skin as other people have mentioned.. It works the same as salon treatments so really if you had side effects from laser hair removal at a salon then you will probably have the same side effects using the epila.

Conclusion.. - It's so worth it, when you compare it to the amount you'd pay in a salon. If you have 0 patience then don't buy it but if you are happy to spend the extra time then you will save thousands!
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