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I've been receiving laser treatment on different areas of my body for the past few years!!!!! I remember walking in for my very first treatment (bikini) thinking that it was going be a walk in the park! Boy was I mistaken!!! First of all, the darkness and coarseness of my hair made me the perfect candidate for the best results - super! However, what I didn't expect were the higher levels of pain associated with such combination - OUCH! Also, with each visit the number of joules (level) is increased! I never thought of myself as a wimp when it came to pain, believing that I had a pretty hight tolerance for it, but laser hair removal pretty much killed that idea - Yup, im'a WIMP! However, my results have been AMAZING - well worth all those pep talks I gave myself before walking into my sessions. Also, I have to mention that having the right technician with the proper knowledge and experience makes a huge difference. Lynda Christine - better known as Laser Nurse in the New York city area and various laser forums (were I found her!) - is an absolute professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable in this field of hair removal. She ice packs the area to be treated and that makes a huge difference. There are also numbing creams you can use, although I haven't tried them. Years later I'm still pep talking myself to my sessions, knowing that it will all be worth every sweat drop, deep breathing exercise and mini heart-attacks. IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!
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