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Default Hair Removal - Its history

The following things through researching about hair removal have been found:

Cavemen, There is evidance evidence of facial hair removal with the use of sharp stones...owww
In Egyptian tombs, There has been evidance researched of bodily hair removal, with bronze razors.
Mesopotamian artifacts include tweezers from 3500 BC
Greek and Roman writings relay tales of plucking with tweezers
Indian and Pakistani art depict shaving of facial and body hair
Middle Age European manuscripts discuss razors and tweezers
Shakespearian England documents reveal interest in hair removal
Age of enlightenment in France provides evidence of first safety razor
20th century literature and art, show hair removal and the first evidence of electrolysis
1926 Gillette markets first razor to masses
1936 first electric razor
1940 Nair depilatory launched
1970 Wax strips popular
1995 viable laser hair removal system
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