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[QUOTE=Wendy;2008]No, you dont have to let the hair grow out. It actually has to be freshly shaven/clipped/trimmed prior to the treatment. letting the hair grow out is for waxing. sometimes, at the consultation the technician may want there to be visible hair just to give you an accurate price based on your specific needs. but prior to the treatment if you dont have it as close as possible to the skin, the tech will have to shave it off as it will leave a burn there if it is longer than stubble.


Wendy is it true that plucking stimulates hair growth and makes the situation worse? I have been plucking my chin hair for many many years prior to LHR a few days ago and I think over the years the hair has increased because of this .. shaving only scrapes whats on the surface so it doesn't increase hair but I read somewhere that plucking causes blood to flow to the surrounding follicles of the hair that was plucked and that flow or supply feeds the follicles and stimluates them and therefore leads to them growing hair to protect the the area that was plucked. Does this sound credible?

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