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When I get my treatments they just say don't shave 48 hours before coming in. There needs to be enough hair to where they can tell where the hair follicle is, but it doesn't need to be really long
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Smile There is a good guide for first steps in laser hair removal

I recently came across a very decent document that answers 10 most commonly-asked questions about laser hair removal. Here is the web site. It is a doctor-operated clinic in Toronto suburbs, so it's pretty trustworthy.


Hope it will help
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i got a voucher for laser hair removal, it includes underarm, bikini (or you can upgrade to brazillian) and 1 other area. I am looking forward to it, but nervous at the same time. My friend has had it all done and cant stop telling me how good it is, bus as i do with unfarmiliar things i get nervous! Looking forward to not having to shave/wax again! :-D
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1sttime - don't be nervous be educated. Know the basic on laser hair removal before you walk into that clinic.

Laser hair removal can be a GREAT thing if done right!
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As long as you have reasonable expectations going in, you should be fine. A lot of people think that after they go for 1 treatment, all of the hair will fall out. This is definitely not the case. With each treatment, only a certain percentage of hair gets treated and falls out (this is because hair grows in cycles - more info at http://www.****************************). This is why most people need to go for at least 6-8 treatments. After your first treatment, it can take up to a week or more for the first hairs to start shedding. After the first ones fall out, you may see more hair grow back. Don't be alarmed, this is normal. Again, hair grows in cycles so there may have been dormant hair underneath that didn't get treated the first time. You need to go to multiple treatments spread out over several months just to make sure that ALL the hairs eventually get treated. Anyway, hope this helps and hope you have a wonderful experience!
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Thumbs up Scruff

I have gone in for 3 sessions so far to get my neck done... Although I hate shaving and love scruff I didn't like looking like the unibomber after 4 days at the cottage... So far I have noticed my neck hair is not as strong and I do believe the results will be positive. As far as pain.... Considering I have several tattoos this is child's play.
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Default Re: first steps

If you're interested in laserlight treatment, it's important, as a first step, to learn how it works. Laser techniques technology is the use of an unseen laserlight stream and a continuous source of heat that enters the locks hair foillicle, limiting and then ruining it at its main while protecting the nearby skin.

The process of eliminating unwanted locks is simply focusing on the hair foillicle and then guiding the laserlight at its main. The techniques process starts as the laserlight discovers the locks hair foillicle that it is focusing on by first finding the melanin (the dark color of the hair).

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