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Question New to Laser Hair Removal

Hello to Everyone & Thank You for All the Information,

I've been reading all the posts about Laser Hair Removal; & I have to say that I'm a bit more skeptical about trying it than I was before I read them. I have a gazillion questions & don't know where to go to have them answered ... !!! Here are just a few of them:

1) How do I know I'm getting someone that is professionally qualified to proceed on this type of treatment? What types of credentials should I keep in mind when searching for the right physician?
2) Where do I find information on who I can find in my area (that is qualified ...)?
3) How do I know what type of laser is necessary for my particular skin type?
4) What is the likelihood that this will be "permanent" hair removal?
5) I read something on one of the posts about ingrown hairs being unaffected; does this mean that the lasers don't get rid of hairs that are ingrown, or does this mean that the laser don't cause ingrown hairs?

I mainly would like to get the hair from my legs removed. My skin is pretty light; as I am embarrassed to show my legs most of the time; so, I don't get very much sun. Also, my hair is very thick & black & grows almost immediately after I'm done shaving. (Sometimes I think it grows back on one leg while I'm shaving the other.) I am a very cold-natured person; & when I get goosebumps the hair that grows back actually makes my legs bleed a little as it's breaking through the skin. At these times, when I run my hand over my leg, it feels like tiny razors all over; it's very painful! I have to soak in the tub for at least an hour before I even try to shave just to soften the hair.

I am very interested in getting this hair permanently removed & don't mind paying for it as long as I can be sure my skin won't be damaged in the process. Can anyone offer any insight into some of these questions? I am very appreciative of any help!
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