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Default Some hair didn't fall out & chunk of skin peeled off. Help please.

Hello everyone, I have had two doubtful occurrences per say and I wanted to know if these are common things or malpractice (not that I intend to sue or anything, I just don't want to recommend these places in the future).

I get my underarms, upper lip, and chin done at one place and my legs and brazilian bikini in another.

At the first place, after walking out of my session (3rd session) a chunk of skin just peeled off of my chin. I grew a scab, scab fell off, and now I have a scar (skin is darker than normal). This hadn't happened before and I think it occurred because the practitioner didn't cool my skin enough. But I do have sensitive skin. What can I do to perhaps get that to heal?

After my first session for legs and brazilian bikini, I noticed that chunks of hair on my legs but mostly on my pubic area had not fallen off. I could actually see the rectangular bald spots where the laser hit. Is this supposed to happen? Or did she just not do the laser "shots" close enough? Should I ask her to do it closer the next session? I don't want to tell her how to do her job but I do want to get the best possible results for the package of 6 laser treatments that I purchased.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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Anna, you can ask your technician what settings she is using each time you go in for treatment. If this issue only happened on the 3rd treatment, then it may have been an issue with your skin. Depends on what laser is being used with the appropriate duration time for your skin type, and on if the settings are for your face rather than for your lower body, which in most cases, is a huge difference.
Yes cooling is important, but if the settings are too high, and the hand piece is not rested on the skin when the laser is firing, you may indeed have an issue.

Was the skin on your chin compromised before treatment? Did you get sun, exfoliate, get a peel or microderm, using an aggressive product of any kind? All these things are important and should be explained to you before starting your laser treatments and continue during the entire time of all your treatments. Also, medication, and change in hormones may cause light sensitivity. Keep all that in mind.
You can use A&D ointment to help heal the skin, and later after healed, exfoliate once a week lightly with baking soda with a little water mixed into a paste.
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Any follow up of the remaining treatments you received?? The chunk of skin falling off sounds really strange, I'd like to know if it continued to happen or if your laser technician was able to fix the problem.
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