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Unread 01-27-2012, 03:24 AM   #1
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Default brazilian LHR sheding?

I purchased a package for laser hair removal for a Brazilian. I just got back from the second treatment. About a week or 2 after my first treatment I have a lot of “shedding”. Not 100% of the hairs shed, it was more like patches here and there. On one part, I was able to see the rectangle of the laser.
Is 100% of the hair in an area supposed to shed 1-2 weeks after the treatment? Does this mean that the women performing it is missing spots?
If anyone has ever had Brazilian laser hair removal, how long does each session take? She only takes about 5 minutes to do the whole area – is this normal? I am worried that she is missing spots and it is kind of hard to watch her do it in that area to know and it difficult to tell just by feeling where she puts the laser because it goes so fast.
I am planning on calling them tomorrow to talk to them about what results I am supposed to see after each treatment. I just want to be prepared because I’m sure they are going to say everything they are doing is correct. I have done research and some places say you are supposed to be 100% smooth with all hair shed about 2 weeks after a session and some saying it’s normal not to. I want to know what to 'fire back' (if i need to at all) when they say it is not all supposed to shed.

Also, some personal experiences from people who may have not had all the hair shed after each treatment – how was the final result?

Thank you!
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Unread 02-07-2012, 06:30 PM   #2
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I am thinking of having this done but please, DOES IT HURT? I can't seem to get a straight answer! What kind of laser did they use? And also, did you have EVERYTHING done, meaning outer labia and crack of bum? Sorry to be graphic, but I need to know...I can't decide what to do! Thanks, Melissa
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Did you actually get your bikini done or is it the "entire" area? It takes much longer than 5 minutes to do either, normally 15-30 minutes, and it should have been explained to you that it is normal to look like the hair is still growing for two weeks or so, and some, not all, will appear less in the treated area. Hair grows in stages (3), first stage (anagen) is what is ideal for hair removal, and because we don't know what stage the hair growth is in, you need to have several treatments within a certain length of time apart. No company will ever guarantee 100% of hair removal because of many factors that apply. Don't be surprised if you need touch up after your 6 treatments.

And Yes, Melissa, who asked if it hurts. The cooling minimizes the effects, unless you have a high tolerance for pain, or you can numb the area before each treatment. For most, it is tolerated well because it is quick
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To Melissa,
I am a guy and I have the whole area done.
I would not say it hurts, but the areas with more pigment or concentrated hair seem to make me kinda go "ouch" sometimes.
The clinic I went to first used IPL and it zapped sometimes. The clinic I go to now uses a laser, Gentlelase, and it gives me a good zap sometimes on the more sensitive areas like the scrotum, shaft, area between the legs.
I am going to try a numbing spray or cream next time just to see if it actually numbs it completely.
Let me know if you do it, the type of device, laser or IPL...I suggest laser, and how it goes.
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I've never heard of 100% of the hairs shedding after the first treatment. Like a previous poster mentioned, laser hair removal works when the hair is in the anagen stage and chances of all hairs being in that stage at the same time are pretty slim. Hairs that are in any of the other 2 growth phases during the time of laser hair treatment will not effectively be treated and will not shed. This is why multiple treatments spread out over several months are required, to make sure every hair has a chance to be effectively treatment during the proper stage.

I have had 7 treatments of Brazilian laser hair removal and with each treatment, more and more hair would fall out and not return. Sometimes this did happen in patches. The treatment worked very well out front and along my bikini line. Around my actual privates didn't work too well as my skin there happened to be quite a bit darker. Overall, I was very happy with the results. Sure beats having to shave every day!
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