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I think it depends on how much a person can tolerate pain. And you are rifgt the pain does not last forever.
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For laser hair removal, three or more treatments are required at each site to achieve permanent hair growth reduction. Darker hair responds best to the laser, while lighter is less responsive.
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Default Electrolysis is extremely painful...

If you are looking at electrolysis versus laser hair removal, the biggest reason someone would be doing this is that they may not be a good candidate for laser hair removal. What I mean is, they may not have the correct skin type, etc.

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Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal is something to spend time considering. Both are expensive methods for hair removal. In Electrolysis, the hair bulb is permanently damaged. So, there is no chance of further growth of hair. Whereas, laser is damaging the root of the hair; so there is a chance for recurrence. Because of this, laser hair removal requires more sitting than electrolysis.

Electrolysis destroys each hair individually, so the duration of treatment is much longer than laser hair removal where a larger area can be covered within a short time span. Therefore, electrolysis is a better option for upper lip and chin and laser is best suited for back of the leg or chest.

Until recently, laser hair removal was available for the lighter complexioned persons only; whereas, electrolysis can be done to anybody.

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Default Electrolysis

I am going to have laser in the bikini area along with my wife. I am usually the first to go to see how bad. I know that some of the hairs are blond and gray so went to a local electrologist to see if I could tolerate electrolysis in the event I need to have cleanup after laser. I had 30 minutes of electrolysis in very private areas and other than a momentary burn did not find it bad. I haven't had laser yet but suspect it is less painful so shouldn't be a problem. I would do electrolysis for all but in 30 minutes only a postage sized stamp area was done so would take hours/days to do the whole area. Laser first and electrolysis for cleanup of non pigmented hairs seems to make sense for me.
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On our website we show videos of both electrolysis and laser hair removal procedures as well as in sugaring, waxing and threading. We give people in depth research on pros and cons of ALL ways of removing unwanted hair. That exact page is here http://www.laserelect.com/body-hair-...xas/index.html

Hope that helps
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Electrolysis is better than laser for destroying light-colored or fine hairs.

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