Home Laser Hair Removal

One of the most popular alternatives to in-office laser hair removal is the many products available on the market in home laser hair removal. But do they really work? The important thing to keep in mind before embarking on any type of home laser hair removal is that you must expect realistic results. The reason that in-office laser hair removal is so effective is because you will be supervised by a professional, you will undergo a series of treatments, and you will achieve results in the long term. If there are any home laser hair removal products on the market that promise instant results, those should be avoided completely. This section of our site includes an overview of popular home laser hair removal products.

Overall, these are some of the top-selling laser hair removal products on the market intended to be used at home. As you can see, all of these devices claim that they can offer the same results as an in-office laser hair removal treatment. The very first thing to keep in mind when purchasing any type of at-home laser hair removal product is safety. This is precisely the reason why so many people choose to visit a professional laser hair removal center since any mishap or error with a laser at home could cause permanent blindness. That is specifically why so many of these devices have recommended that they are kept away from the face. If you as the consumer do need any type of facial treatment, you will need to go to a professional laser hair removal center.

Yes, many of these devices may be much less expensive than a professional laser hair removal treatment, but it is also difficult to achieve any type of long-term results at home if you are not trained properly. Please keep in mind that laser hair removal technicians go to a training course of several weeks to be able to practice, and they are skilled in understanding different skin tones and conditions, the ability to overlap the laser, and also how to safely adjust the laser hair removal settings so that they don’t burn or blister the skin. There are some dangers to take into account when using any type of at-home laser hair removal product because if it is used improperly or overused, you could burn or blister your skin.

Furthermore, several of the most popular laser hair removal home devices above only use thermal heat energy instead of laser energy. Research is still inconclusive as to whether these types of devices can provide long-term hair removal results, so the thermal hair removers in themselves may not permanently remove hair in the long run. Overall, laser hair removal treatment in-office will offer long-term results over a series of 5 to 7 treatments. The reason that this is so effective is because the professional technicians can use higher settings due to their training so that the laser can deeply penetrate the skin to kill the hair at the root. The reason that this must be done by professionals is because a consumer cannot use this high an intensity of laser hair removal at home, otherwise, they risk burning or scarring their skin. For this reason, the results that you can expect from any type of at-home laser hair removal treatment will take much longer since the settings cannot be high enough to be used outside of the laser hair removal center. However, when you do undergo treatments in the laser hair removal center, your technician will be able to assess how your skin reacts, adjust the settings accordingly, and increase them so that the treatment can kill even more hair to offer greater results in a shorter period of time.

Although these at-home hair removal devices may offer some results in removing hair, you also need to keep in mind that they may be difficult to use for very intimate areas. If you are interested in having laser hair removal for something like your bikini area, these at-home removal devices will not be suitable. Within many professional laser hair removal treatments, they will offer a full Brazilian bikini treatment, which will include the bikini line, pelvic area, labia, and anus. If you are hoping to achieve full hair removal in all of these areas, it would be difficult or nearly impossible to do it yourself at home with a handheld device. For this reason, if you would like to achieve long-term results in hair removal in your bikini area, back, or even back of legs, that is something that needs to be left to the professionals.

Much of the success with laser hair removal has to do with the angling and technique, which is why if you are treating an area at home that is difficult to reach, you may miss several hairs in the process. As an example, if you are treating your own underarm, it is often necessary for the skin to be held taut so that the laser energy can penetrate the skin to kill the hair at the root. If you are treating yourself at home with a handheld laser hair removal device, you may have a hard time angling the device toward your underarm to remove the hair, especially if the treatment becomes painful.

Last of all, it is important to understand that any type of hair removal is not without risk. Even if you are being treated in-office by a laser hair removal technician, they will watch your skin carefully to make sure that it does not start to swell or burn due to a blister from the laser. If you are treating your skin at home with a laser hair removal device, you may not have the education or understanding necessary to know when to stop treatment if your skin has reacted negatively. This will make it much more likely for you to burn, blister, or crust your skin if you are treating at home in laser hair removal.

The bottom line is that if you hope to achieve long-term results from your laser hair removal treatment, it is something best left to the professionals. Obviously, it is often very difficult to reach intimate areas when administering your own at-home laser hair removal treatment. This may cause you to miss spots and not see the results that you are hoping for on difficult areas like your back, shoulders, neck, and especially bikini area. Similarly, most of these devices will not allow you to treat your own face since the misuse of the laser could cause blindness. Please do not treat your face at home with a handheld laser hair removal device under any circumstance because you risk permanently damaging your vision. For any facial areas that do require laser hair removal treatment, such as the sideburns, upper lip, or chin, it is best to see a professional for long-term results. In other circumstances, you may prefer to see a professional if you have a very dark skin tone. The reason for this is that laser hair removal penetrates laser energy into the surface of the skin, which can often burn or blister on very dark pigments. If you do have an African-American skin tone, you will need to be treated with a special laser to minimize the risk of burning and scarring. This is something that is a highly delicate procedure, which again, is why it should be left to the professionals to protect your dark skin tone. This will also give you the opportunity to ensure that all areas of your skin are treated thoroughly with the utmost care so that you can see the greatest results in your laser hair removal treatment.

Many men and women are attracted to these types of at-home laser hair removal devices, especially since they appear to be much cheaper than in-office laser hair removal. As a last word of caution, you will get what you pay for, so it is often best to invest in a professional treatment, which will give you long-term results without scarring, damage to your skin, or even missed spots of hair. When you are treated by professionals, it is recommended for you to have roughly 5 to 7 treatments, so you can anticipate seeing your results much sooner than if you had invested in an at-home laser hair removal device.

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