no!no! Classic Hair Removal System

This is not an at-home laser hair removal system, but it is another device that uses thermal heat energy to remove hair permanently for $160. This is a device that is advertised to offer pain-free results in at-home hair removal, where it can be done conveniently and quickly. This is a device that claims to use Thermicon technology as a form of thermal hair removal, which will penetrate heat energy into the shaft and follicle of the hair. This will begin to retard the hair growth cycle, but no light or laser energy is used. This is a device that claims to be safe and effective for all people, and it is recommended to be used on all skin types to treat any hair color, including gray and blonde. The results claimed to be offered by this device are a 94% reduction in the growth of the hair with no further issues with ingrown hair. Overall, the customer reviews found online show that this product does not completely live up to its claims, but it is cheaper than waxing on a regular basis. Many customers felt that the product left stubble on the skin, and you do have to use it for a long period of time to see any type of results.

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