Silk’n Personal Light-Based Hair Removal Device

This is a light-based device for hair removal that is not the same as the laser hair removal used by laser hair removal centers. This device is $499, and it uses light energy to kill hair underneath the surface of the skin. The process of photothermolysis is what will kill the hair underneath the surface to retard its growth, which is different than the laser energy used in many treatment centers. This is yet another device that claims to be the first to offer hair removal results at home with the simple use of Home Pulsed Light technology, which is patented by this company. This is a technology that uses light and laser energy to offer long-term hair free results, where the hair shaft will absorb the light energy to be killed completely at the root. This process works by penetrating high energy into the hair shaft, while the surrounding areas are cooled with a cooling mechanism on the device to prevent burning. Once the hair shaft has been killed, the customer is expected to see long-term hair removal results. Many customers who have reviewed the product after using it for numerous treatments have seen roughly a 50% reduction in their hair growth.

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