Wellbox Lipomassage Device

This is a device that claims to do a number of things, including remove hair, remove cellulite, and treat wrinkles for the hefty price of $2399.95. This is a product that is intended for home use, but it does require a very large investment to get started. It is FDA approved, and the company also gives you the opportunity to rent the device before purchasing it. You can rent it for a month at a time at $295 per month, or $450 for two months. This is a device that claims to be able to stimulate the tissue deep within the skin to repair a number of problems. It claims to trim the figure, reduce cellulite, smooth the skin, promote elasticity, reduce wrinkles, reduce sagging, and provide a radiant complexion. This is a device that is advertised to be used at many medical spas and plastic surgery centers, and it provides postoperative healing for a tummy tuck, liposuction, or plastic surgery procedure by reducing swelling through stimulating circulation. This is a device that is also recommended to be used on the face to relieve pain, and it claims to be able to exfoliate and rejuvenate the complexion. On top of that, it is also advertised to be able to remove hair, although the entire device itself seems like it may be complicated for the average consumer to use.

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