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4 Laser hair Removal - 13 beauty mysteries--solved!(Brief Article)

13 beauty mysteries--solved!(Brief Article)

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From: Redbook
Date: 20000501
Author:Gluck, Didi

What the beauty pros know but won't tell you.

Mystery 1: Which hair removal method really makes hair grow back thinner.

Unfortunately, none of the at-home techniques will make regrowth less dense, says New York City dermatologist Melanie Grossman, M.D. Although there's some data to support that waxing may disturb the hair follicle, which could slow the rate at which stubble reappears, only electrolysis or laser hair removal can really reduce regrowth. (Consult the American Academy of Dermatology at 888-462-DERM or www.aad.org for more information.)

Mystery 2: Why ...

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